Why You Are Dull, Boring and Foolish

The older you get, the wiser you get. Well, at least that used to be the phrase, but it needs some updating. I think a more suitable phrase goes like, “the older you get, the duller you get.” At least that seems to fit the majority of adults.

Think about it, high school and college-age people are not dull. They might be stupid, but they are not dull. These people still have hopes and dreams. They have not yet let the weight of responsibility and obligation kill their spirits.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there is anything wrong with any segment of life. Each has its own rewards and life should be cherished in its entirety. However, that is not the way most people live.

Most people fall into the rut of living a bland and boring life. They don’t stand out. They don’t take chances. They don’t want to feel uncomfortable, and so they live within a box of familiarity. The familiarity box has its benefits. but the downside is that it often stifles the mind.

With a stifled mind comes a boring personality. People end up watching how their neighbors live, how their coworkers work and how personalities on television behave. Instead of being their own person and living how their own personalities dictate, these people become dull carbon copies of their environments. After all, it is familiar and “safe” to copy the trends of one’s surroundings, the behaviors of others and the personalities of the masses.

It is politically correct in our nation to speak about diversity. However, we are anything but diverse. We as a society and culture behaving in a rigid structure that may work for some, but serves as a low hung ceiling for too many. Our society encourages politically correct speech, mediocre formal education and adherence to a political system that treats the people as subjects. Too many people fall into dead-end jobs to pay for frivolous crap which merely serves as a distraction from their dull and boring lives. It becomes a vicious cycle for millions and millions of Americans.

All of this leads to a disappointing and wasted life for too many individuals. God gave us all lives to live. We each have our own very unique minds, histories and experiences. It would be wise of each individual to think for themselves, throw off the bonds of mediocrity and just live. Then, as we age maybe we could get back to being wiser as we get older instead of just becoming dull.

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