Momo Challenge: Truly Frightening


Heard of the Momo Challenge? It’s an internet game where participants are assigned tasks ranging from relatively benign to downright deadly. If you fail to complete your assigned task Momo, a bugged eyed, stringy haired, fugly looking thing berates you verbally or textually to beat you into submission… or so goes the story.

Apparently, the Momo Challenge is just an internet hoax. At least that’s the latest news about Momo. But regardless of whether or not the Momo Challenge is a real thing our fear about Momo says something remarkably depressing about modern society… we’re losers!

I say this in the general sense. I, of course am not a loser. I am a winner. I have a job. I immerse myself in rational thinking, working out, reading, music, and other beneficial activities. Hopefully, you’re also a winner. (It’s fun being a winner). But we, in the general sense of society at large, are complete and utter losers.

It was not too long ago that dire warnings were going out because kids were eating laundry detergent, engaging in self-asphyxiation and snorting condoms, basically a handbag full of really, really stupid Darwin-Award type crap. What kind of mindless buffoon falls for this garbage?

We all know about the dangers of peer pressure and its tendency to override independent, rational decision making. The drive to fit is as old as humanity, but somewhere within the last 10-20 years society began an intellectual downward spiral. Basically we’re seeing a rather rapid erosion of common sense, or what more accurately should now be relabeled as “uncommon sense”.

Really, you have to be pretty dense to even entertain the idea of snorting condoms. Yet, here we are, rife with YouTube videos featuring dumbasses choking on prophylactics.

What’s that saying? “Actions speak louder than words.”

Yup, well those actions speak loud and clear – “YOU’RE ALL MORONS!”

Bottom line: Winners would never accept a Momo challenge, for the same reason winners would never snort condoms or eat Tide pods… because it’s stupid; because people who are grounded in reality simply don’t behave like that. It doesn’t even become a thought.

Momo, eating detergent packets, asphyxiation, and stuffing condoms up your nose are all evidence of really stupid behavior, a complete lack of common sense and the ongoing erosion of intelligence in America… this is what is truly frightening!

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