President Trump’s Behavior


President Trump’s temperament is often called into question. From his seemingly constant Tweeting to his brash words towards members of the press Trump clearly has a very unique personality. Despite this uniqueness in the world of D.C. politics, I’d like to suggest that in certain ways Trump’s behavior, as President of the United States, is similar to that of millions of regular Americans.

Take for example President Trump’s characterization of the recent “migrant caravan” as an invasion. When this story first broke the numbers fluctuated between a few thousand, up to 10,000 migrants heading north towards the U.S. border. Then, video surfaced showing this caravan forcing their way into Mexico, throwing rocks, scaling fences and entering into Mexico by sheer force and in an unlawful manner. 

Doesn’t it make sense that regular Americans would refer to a mass of potentially 10,000 people who have overtly demonstrated their willingness to break laws and resort to violent tactics as an invasion? It is a rhetorical question… Of course it makes sense! President Trump is saying what millions of Americans are thinking, talking about at the work water cooler and discussing over family dinners. 

President Trump’s handling of Antifa is another example of how his behaviors parallel those of regular Americans. Antifa is a domestic terrorist group made up of left wing radicals who are known to incite violence, intimidate those with whom they disagree, destroy public and private property by means of arson and other forms of vandalism, and even engage in physical assaults. They are a poorly organized group of physically weak bullies claiming to oppose fascism, while ironically heavily engaging in violent, totalitarian-type behavior. 

President Trump is a loud opponent of Antifa. He has routinely called them out for their violent, unlawful actions. The President has comically mocked them as losers who live in their mother’s basements. He also has made fun of their poor physical fitness. In a recent statement he made fun of them for their puny biceps.

None of this comes as a surprise. In fact, millions of regular Americans are ecstatic to see a politician speaking on their behalf and voicing their sentiments. When a civilized society encounters a group of college-age twerps, violently spazzing out, going on rampages, shouting down peaceful speeches, assaulting people and setting property on fire the responsible reaction is to call out Antifa for their unlawful, intolerant and downright hypocritical actions. 

Recently, CNN reporter Jim Acosta was banned from the White House after a very disrespectful exchange with President Trump during a press briefing. Not unsurprisingly, many in the press were quick to criticize the President for revoking Acosta’s White House access, citing this as a glaring example of Trump playing favorites and only taking easy questions from more friendly news outlets, like Fox News. 

Since being elected in 2016 President Trump has faced constant criticism from the mainstream media. He has routinely answered their questions and allowed them to attempt to dig into his policies and decisions as the Commander in Chief. The first amendment guarantees the freedom of the press. It does not, however, guarantee members of the press to badger the President with statements and accusations dressed up as questions. 

Bottom line, having a press pass into the White House is a privilege, not a right. Spoiled snots like Acosta need a good ass-kicking every now and then, even if that takes the form of revoking special privileges and putting them in a time out. Again, regular Americans applaud this type of behavior, because it resembles their own. 

Critics say Trump fails to behave presidential, that he lacks finesse and tact in navigating America’s issues. Inherent in their criticism is the belief that President Trump should behave more like his predecessors. Ironically, many of America’s current problems can be traced back to politicians who “behaved themselves”. The time for America to can the superficial facade of dead-end, diplomatic bullcrap is long overdue. 

Millions of regular Americans have grown weary of typical politicians “politely” eroding the U.S. Constitution. These millions are fed up and welcome a President who approaches America’s problems with the same passion, and relentless pursuit as they would. To them, President Trump is not behaving poorly. He is simply cutting through the politically correct red tape and delivering on his campaign promises. President Trump is behaving like the millions of regular patriotic, red-blooded Americans.

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